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LTJ31 cable throw-in type level transmitter

 Characteristics: Suitable for irregular and narrow gauge hatch. Accurate and reliable level measurement. High accuracy up to 0.1. Flexibly installation. The measuring range is very deep: as deep as 200m. The zero point and full range can be adjusted.

LTJ31 cable throw-in type liquid level transmitters use a dry ceramic capacitor sensor as measurement unit. Probe diaphragm shall be subject to level pressure, causing a corresponding elastic displacement in the process of measurement. According to the principle of level pressure in proportion to the distance between the two poles, a changing capacitance shall be detected by the transmitter, and then enlarged so that it can output a accurate voltage signal when passing through trimming circuit. Finally, the signal shall be converted to a corresponding standard current signal output with a range from 4mA to 20mA. 
The transmitter uses two-wire wiring, which can be wired easily; Junction box is separated from probe, making it more suitable for on-site installation; the shell of sensor adopts stainless steel omniseal structure, which can attain a protection class up to IP68; the cable uses a water-proof gas guidance cable, capable of withstanding long-term immersion in water. Thereby,  the transmitter is a liquid level measurement device featuring reasonable structure, economic and stable performance.

 The Main Technical Parameters
Measurement Range:0.5~200m(Max)   (subject to real object)
Cable Length:0.5~300m(Max)          (subject to real object)
Accuracy class:≤±0.2%FS
Temperature Effect:≤±0.075%FS/10℃
Stability: 0.10%FS/year
Working Voltage: 12 VDC ~30VDC
Power Loss: 1W
Transmitting Current: 4~20mA
Maximum Current: 30mA
Load Resistance: ≤750Ω      (with a supply voltage of 24V)
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ (100VDC)
Outgoing Cable Methods: Phoenix Terminal
Connection type: Flange 
Enclosure Material: Alloy
Probe case material: SUS304

Sensor material: 316L

Sealing Material: Viton
Operating Temperature: -40~80℃
Environmental Condition:-40~85℃,≤95%RH  ( keep away from corrosive gas)
Protection class for shell: IP65
Protection class for probe: IP68