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PTS10 series economical pressure transmitter

Characteristics: Pratical, multi-functional, and economical. Easy to install and compact size. The operation is flexible. With LED displaying gauge outfit and controlled contact for selection. Strong pressure sensitivity: when the total range is less than 1MPa, it can bear ten times pressure the range.

Profile: The PTS10 series economical pressure transmitter adopts the diffusion silicon or ceramic piezoresistive diaphragm as the measure unit. This series include two models: PTS11 and PTS12. The PTS11 is ordinary model. It can be used for measuring the pressure of a vairety of gas and liquid(include the absolute pressure measurement).  The PTS12 is smart and economi ......more

PTS21 Precise Pressure Transmitter

Characteristics: Easy to install and compact size. Apply to the pressure measurement of a variety of gas and liquid (include the absolute pressure measurement).  Powerful and flexible. Strong pressure sensitivity: when the total range is less than 1MPa, it can bear ten times pressure  the range.


The transmitter adopts the dry ceramic capacitance transducer  as the measure unit, in the process of measurement, the pressure react on the firm and corrosion-attack ceramic diaphragm, and then the diaphragm emerge ......more

PTS30 series Dial Plate Pressure Transmitter

Characteristics: Smart digital pressure measurement instrument: flexible to use; easy to regulate and the operation is simple. The appearance is exquisite, and having smart menu and the function of self-correction, and self-diagnosis. Having vertical PTS31 and embedded PTS32, can satisfy different demand. It can replace the pressure gauge totally, having the analog function, equipped with remote output contact.


    PTS30 dial-type pressure transmitter is a multifunction product which is integrating the pressure measuring, display, control in one. ......more

PDT11 ordinary differential pressure transmitter

Characteristics: High precision, long-term stability; Unilateral pressure, good overload protection. Small size, light weight, strong resistance shock; Continuous adjustment of zero and full scale in the external.

Profile: PDT11 differential pressure transmitter uses capacitance sensor core body, integrated by one, fundamentally eliminated the installation stress and seal failure, so the measurement is accuracy, stable and reliable. It is suitable for many kinds of media which is matching the contact materials. The differential pressure transmitter's measurement part is mainly composed of capacitor plate, center of diaphragm, rigid insulator, fill fluid and isolation diaphragm. W ......more

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