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OEM SERVICE (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 

Products for Process measurement and Control

Clake & Fololo OEM Services guarantee you get the highest-quality products made exactly as you need them—based on your specifications, incorporating proven technologies into an OEM solution that meets your most demanding product requirements- whether the product bears the Clake or Fololo name or your company's logo.

With custom scale, packaging , Clake & Fololo OEM Services is committed to helping your business meet these challenges. , Our assembly plant in China assures you get the most cost-effective products.

Benefits to the customer: 

*Saves installation costs because the product is ready to install. 

*Saves engineering costs because the entire automation unit comes from Clake & Fololo. 

*The customer can identify its own product since there is a close contact with Clake & Fololo’s designers during the designing of the automation unit. 

*Saves labor costs because there is no need for own staff for automation. 



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