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LTL11 light pulse guide rod insert type level transmitter


Transport by optional signal, away from lighting, strong magnetic and electrical’s interference;

The high molecular sieve is breathable but impermeable, it can avoid condensation effectively.

The measurement interface is ceramic, so it can be able to bear corrosion and pollution.
The signal transports by fiber, its transmission distance can up to hundreds of kilometers.
The fiber’s interface is proprietary, so it is convenient wiring.
It uses ceramic capacitive measuring principle, the applications is convenient with high accuracy, the
performance is stable and reliable.


LTL series of transmitter use dry ceramic sensors as measuring unit. When the sensor is put into the measured liquid, the level will give a pressure on the surface of the sensor’s membrane. According to the proportion principle to the liquid pressure and liquid level, it will produce a corresponding elastic displacement. Because the dielectric and the area between two plate is constant, the capacitance and the distance between the two level is in proportion, so from substrate electrode and diaphragm electrode it can detects the changing capacitance. When the capacitance is enlarged by fine-tuning circuit, it can export an accurate voltage signal. Then the outputted voltage signal will be transformed into corresponding light pulse signal and exported.

LTJ uses split installing, and connect by flange. The transmitter part with aluminum alloy shell is sealed fastening. The shell specially adds the high molecular sieve stomata, it is breathable but impermeable, it can prevent condensation and protect the transmitter. The guide rod connection would make sure the sensors is keeping fair with the atmospheric pressure. It is suitable for big range measurement.

We provide two types of probes for you to choose. The transmitter part transforms signal from sensors into corresponding light pulse signal, then exports it by fiber. The transmitter with aluminum alloy shell is sealed fastening, its protection class can up to IP65. The cable is made of ST plug fiber and it is convenient to install and debug.

Our company specially selected a standard selection for customers, if you need some other options please tell us by special requirements.

The light pulse converter is used for transforming the input light pulse signal into corresponding electrical signal and then export it. It is the required components for light pulse level meter. LP light pulse converter applies high accuracy F/V conversion devices, it can transform the input light signal to corresponding signal with a range of 420mA and export it. DL fiber is single-mode fiber, the fiber comprehensively optimized the window’s performance of 1310nm and 1550nm. The dispersion on 1310nm window is the smallest. It comprehensively supports high capacity and low cost transmission of optical components.

The main parameters

Product Standard Table:

Configuration Type
Configuration Name
Working voltage
Connection size
Factory standard(P1.41)
Output signal
Light pulse signal

Particular Requirements for Product List:

Configuration Type
Configuration Name
Working voltage
Connection size
Non-factory standard
Special requirement
Pls list photos

Overvoltage capability
5 times of full scale
Working voltage
24VDC, 220VAC
Max power
Accuracy class
0.1, 0.2
Temperature effect
Transmission distortion
Output signal
2KHz10KHz(light pulse)
Junction box material
Probe material
Fiber type
Single-mode9/125μm, wavelength:1300nm
Fiber interface
-1080,80%RH,avoid corrosive gas
Protection class
Required components
Light pulse converter
Up to 8 input, when the quantity is no more then 8 and the signal is collected, you only need 1.