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LTJ21 guide rod insert type level transmitter

Characteristics: Accurate and reliable level measurement. High accuracy up to 0.1. Flexibly installation. The zero point and full range can be adjusted. Suitable for the flowing and whipping liquid. Restrict to the length of  guide rod, the measurement range is narrow: 0.5--4m.


LTJ21 guide rod insert type level transmitter adopts diffusion silicon or dry ceramic capacitor as measurement unit. In process of measurement, diaphragm of probe, under action of level pressure, shall change its capacitance or resistance. The concise voltage signal shall be output after capacitance or resistance signal is enlarged by microcircuit. Finally, the signal shall be transferred into a corresponding standard current signal output of 4~20mA.

The measurement parts and transmission parts of LTJ21 are connected by the rigidity of the stainless steel
guides, it is suitable for the environment of flow rate liquid and swinging liquid. It is easy to install. But the
guide rod’s length is limited, so the measuring range is smaller. The sensors could select ceramic capacitor diaphragm,
the measurement is accurate and reliable, its accuracy class can up to 0.1.

Technical Parameter

Import type
Guide rod insert
Connection type
Flange, factory standard see the table above, or give us photos
Accuracy class
Sensors’ material
-1080,85%RH,avoid corrosive gas
Protection class
Optional components
Probe specifications Φ28×120,Φ48×108. Material:316L
You can select LN,LH and LW, details please call us